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We encourage corporate teams to innovate and move faster from concept to market success.


Strategy Programs

For executives

We help companies successfully master digital transformation with the right innovation strategy.

* Innovation Blueprints

* Innovation Strategy Sprints

• Innovation Transformation


Business Building & Design

For Innovation Manager

We support Corporates in launching digital products, services and startups or take this on completely for them.

• Finding the right problems

• Find the right solutions

✔ Entrepreneur in Residence

✔ Company building from scratch


Talent development

For HR managers

We develop talents for sustainable innovation in the company and train your employees from tomorrow.

* Train Innovation and Digitisation

• Develop Innovation for Leaders

* Scale innovation at the corporate level

Fast, flexible and sustainable success - in just 3 steps.


Strategy Stage - Understanding of Customer Needs

With structured analyses and thematic workshops, we find your “pain points” with customers, suppliers, and partners, so we can derive the right digital strategy for your company.


Lean-Startup-Stage - Fast Prototyping of Ideas & Creating an MVP using innovation methods.

We test solutions and we select the most attractive models for you. Ideas quickly turn into prototypes that are tested by real customers. With the lean startup approach, we repeat this step until we built an MVP (first salable products) to test them on the market.


Growth Stage - business planning and business development

Based on real data, we carry out business development and market roll-out. Good products & services can be scaled! – With this intention, we turn the MVP into a big player into the market.

Think. Create. Share. Start the digital future with innovation!

Our mission is to make your business ' game changer '.

Maximizing efficiency

You save time, money and important resources.

Fit for the future

You secure your company’s success in the long term.

Competitive advantages

They are always one step ahead of the competition.

Startup Spirit

You get to know innovative startup methods.

Digital transformation is our passion. With modern Silicon Valley methods such as Design Thinking and Lean Startup, we implemented your innovation projects quickly and easily for you!

We are more than innovators ...


Our concept of success …

We are serial entrepreneurs and have a great passion for innovative and digital business models.

Our master mind team is made up of experienced innovation managers, project managers, UX/UIdesigners, developers and marketing specialists.

The foundership team is shaped by its start-up culture. This enables us to react flexibly and quickly to disruptive changes compared to large corporations.

We use innovation methods to make the digitization process easier for you.

We combine our startup mind set with your experience and expertise to create sustainable added value.

“Extremely fast ideation and execution. Startup launched in 3 months and sold 130,000 products after just 6 months. “

Zafar Hasher – CEO Digibonum AG

Do you still have any questions? Don’t hesitate and get in touch.

We are happy to answer your questions.

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